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about me

hello, i am lauren :o) i reside in england and am an april taurus born in '97. green is the best colour on earth. i love orange juice. i am pictured below guarding the divine secrets of the universe

about my art

i like making character art and illustrations, and telling stories through background design. i also make work about the internet and its future. u can see what influences me here. i graduated with a first class ba (hons) fine art degree from the university of the creative arts in canterbury in 2019.

about the site

i originally made this site to be a home for my artwork, and a year on it has become an important part of my practice and expression. i share the same sentiment of many of my neocities neighbours and host, in that i am exhausted by monolithic social media sites and the impact it can have on one's creativity, focus, introspection, and free-thought. it is so refreshing to be able to present to the world my artwork in a way that i control, and not have my perception of it warped by likes and shares. my passion for this subject has led me to have a dedicated space on this site about it too. i think that if youre an artist, you should deffo consider taking a couple weeks 2 learn html and make ur own site. :o)

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