21/10/21 21:48

today one year ago i opened up a neocities account, and from there began the construction of this website. a month later i officially launched it. i am so glad i decided to make this site, as it has allowed me to express myself in many ways that i never thought i could.

im also quite quiet on neocities which i hope to change but im so happy to have spoken to people on here however briefly and opened my eyes to new perspectives and opinions, and seen a whole wealth of creativity that is so unfairly suppressed on the internet of today. thank you to everyone ive interacted with here, and to anyone who visits my website :o)

ive been working on a number of updates to add to this site and i chose today to post them. i have reworked the coding of links and the homepage, as they both were riddled with weird table layouts and unnecessarily complex CSS writing lol. homepage arguably looks worse but yolo. ive also created a digital wellbeing page, sharing information and tips on the subject. though this is something i make artwork about, i also feel very passionately about it and wanted to make something that is more easily digestable. in doing this, i revamped my random pages about social media and the 30 day declutter, which are now blog pages.

for now that is all. i will probably go over my gallery pages properly soon and rearrange them as ive now a bit of a new perspective on my work. i have other pages ive been chipping away at ( which maybe ill make public one day. for now, i shall draw back again and work on some big projects...

edit: and now i have to spend lots of time fixing all the links and symbol errors i didnt catch lol

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WEATHER: actually nice! but cold
MOOD: difficult to determine as i need to pee

07/08/21 12:02

finally managed to make some sense of the div property and made some additionas and improvements around the site. in about, added some more info and moved the link to my site button here. in links, rearranged the boxes to make room for a journal where i can update with various things i have read/watched/etc. i do plan to move around the homepage and gallery but i am undecided on how i want those to look just yet. hopefully this page will get a redo one day because it is particularily bad lol

this is also a good place to mention i made another site from the perspective of my character maxine which u can see here...........i recommend the "crisp reviews" page

LISTENING TO: the same old shit
WEATHER: surprise surprise...another summers day in england another cloudy rainy piece of shit MOOD: motivated

30/06/21 17:53

wow, long time no update.

site-wise, i have been steadily updating the galleries with new artwork, and a couple of days ago i completed a page ive been dreaming about for a while to properly house all my online afterlife stuff, which is here. i put way too much effort into this shit..... let us appreciate how every graphic came from my old ibm laptop which runs windows xp....appreciate how i customised the whole desktop to lok like tht,,,,appreciate..the forward and backwards buttons on the image viewer. that was a real pain in the ass to figure out alongside slideshow html btw. appreciate...that shit......ive also created a new site, which is created from the perspective of one of my characters, maxine. i'd reccommend checking out the "crisp review" section. ive also updated the links page with more shit

in addition to this, i have created a sort of journal or blog or whatever you may call it going into depth about my decision to leave social media. ive been writing and rewriting that post for a couple weeks, and had planned to begin properly removing myself from these sites on the 1st of july. in a weird twist of fate, the lovley NHS test and trace app (legendary piece of shit) decided to inform me that i must self isolate for a few days, so i decided to start it early. its going okay, got all the website shit ive linked here done, but my mind is deffo still trying to fill a void. perhaps i will come back and make my departure from social media a regular blogging venture.

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20/01/21 11:48

uploaded the pages for the online afterlife. updated relevant pages to reflect this addition. better part of 3 months work and 6 months planning out of my hair. i hope you enjoy.

LISTENING TO: lemon demon - spirit phone
WEATHER: cloudy. one black cloud in the sky

10/01/21 19:41

how rude of me not to wish readers a happy new year.

created the artchive, which does what it says on the tin. links to the ancient artchive, which also does what is says on the tin. both these pages i expect to update as i unearth more things to include, particularily traditional works.

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MOOD:chilling as fuck

31/12/20 ??:??

added page i view you, updated many pages with links to accomodate this. my project (now called Online Afterlife) is almost complete and i look forward to releasing it soon. it is a shame neocities won't let me upload audio without being a supporter.
not much else left to say, i dont imagine major updates will be done to this site now most of it is up, although i am considering updating the home page as it is a bit all over the place.

LISTENING TO: ngl just the same old shit
MOOD: distracted

25/11/20 09:46

released website into the wild

added page digital decay. updated links+about, and added a new icon for the ????? page.

????? is complete but has since escalated further into something which probably won't be done for months so good job @ me

WEATHER: cloudy
MOOD: ????

21/11/20 16:30

????? page is taking shape, but i have realised it is going to take a hell of a lot more work before it looks as chaotic as i would like. created the sitemap.

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WEATHER: damn, i shut my curtains
MOOD: emo

14/11/20 20:03

cleared up css on most pages, tried to condense as much of it as i could squeeze into one file but every page has different colours because im an idiot. updated the gallery. added footers to pages that need one. added a favicon, site button to links, and some basic metadata.
majority of site is complete. once the ????? page is finished along with some other finishing touches, it will be finished and i can begin updating it as i complete work and come up with stupid ideas for secret pages - the first two of which i am yet to finish.

14/11/20 11:37

created a gallery page for pens and rooms. is essentailly the same as the one i had on my wixsite but with more images and videos included, and a 'behind the scenes' bit too. also created a gallery for my food drawings.

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WEATHER: cloudy again
MOOD: my leg hurts like shit

08/11/20 14:21

added css to illustration and finalised the gallery. wondering to leave the white background or use something else. uploaded sitelog to about, and am developing a sitemap for this page too. uploaded a very temporary contact page, which i plan to draw icons for. keep that shit interesting.

LISTENING TO: ace attorney: apollo justice OST
WEATHER: cloudy
NEW: MOOD: losing my fucking marbles trying to make the art log have different link setting than the rest of the page but we figured it out bois but i can still physically feel my brain being fried

07/11/20 16:25

completed a links/research page. still debating on the name. began adding a navigation bar to the top of numerous pages. added some basic css to the background design page, although for those galleries i dont intend for much to be there as its the most crucial that those are accessable to mobile users too. added sitelog and nearly died trying to make this kind of scrolling table work.

LISTENING TO: cheatreal - t+pazolite
WEATHER: sunny

04/11/20 16:21

created an illustration page for key pieces and moved more things onto neocities so they can be properly linked together. planning on completing the skeleton of the website before moving onto CSS. been cursed/blessed with a 4 week lockdown and been furloughed, so the goal is to have it basically done before i return to work some weeks before what will easily be oen of the most hectic christmases in retail.

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WEATHER: sun setting. time of year where i dont get any sun into my room. cold.

25/10/20 17:07

created an 'old gallery' page consisting of various drawings, animations, and sprite frankensteins i made on my very first laptop, between 2006-2011. i have also began contact and research/inspo pages. i want to focus on getting the main skeleton of my site up and running, particularly my portfolio of work for clients, before focussing on more silly and personal pages i have in mind.
i am glad to realise that most of learning html and building webpages is viewing page sources and ripping off the bits that you like most which i have enjoyed

23/10/20 11:25

god neocities why does everyone need to know i made 39 "updates" which is just me mashing the save button at the speed of light. i dont want people to see the horrors of this work in progress yet

23/10/20 08:56

on wednesday (the 21st) i began the process of making this site. i starting using the internet frequently around 2006, before websies began to all began to follow the same formula, and although i didnt get to experience geocities at its prime i have fond memories of an internet that was sprinkled with sites like that, diy homepages, fansites, bmp images, glittery gifs, pagedolls, stamps, signatures, collections, shrines, text based emoticons, blinkies, you name it. i miss that so much, it felt so expressive and personal. i dont feel like these things can be expressed truly with social media. exploring web archived geocities and neocities sites has been so nostalgiac (can something from 15 years ago be nostalgic?) and just fun, you never know what youre going to find. the cloest ive come to recreating this feeling is with tumblr and (old) deviantart, and more recently on discord. ive tried to make my own website with wix as a host for my artwork which i am developing to revolve around the interet but again it felt so restricted. im really excited to discover neocities and all the amazing sites people have made and give it a go! i have literally zero experience with html/css/anything so ive got a lot to learn but i am excited to begin this journey.
i want this website to act as a gallery for my artwork, but also to serve as my own love letter to the internet i grew up with as a child and the wonder i felt from exploring it before it became so hemogenised.

an "underconstruction" page currently exists as a placeholder for my homepage, this page exists, as well as an about page where I practiced some basic ass HMTL.

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WEATHER: Clear skies, sunny, cold as fuck

============================THE BEGINNING================================